Siren (Boyxboy)

Siren (Boyxboy)

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Cielle By CiellaXD Completed

Sye is a troubled boy, he is sent to a boarding school famous for 'fixing-broken-kids.' Sye gets stuffed into the old library attic as a welcoming party. Finding an old book with a watch in it. A pink watch. With flowers and sparkles. In a flash, Sye is suddenly sitting near a werewolf asleep near a big cherry tree. Pink puffy wings on his back and tight clothes on. The werewolf awaking beside him.

The WANTED exiled werewolf, Vinmir. 

Sye is now a Siren. Mythical and dangerous in every way. The voice, the innocent look, and the innocent act that all Sirens do. All except for Sye. The watch is now a tattoo on Sye's wrist. Leaving no way to return to Earth. An Elf recruits Sye into the Rogue Elven Army. Now Sye wants to uncover the Empire's reason for enslaving the Sirens. Why are they forcing them to sing? Why are they doing all this?

Now the real adventure begins...

(Warning: if you do not like manga style chapter parts that build up the story, then don't read it. Thanks.)

  • action
  • adventure
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • darkfantasy
  • elves
  • fairy
  • hunted
  • littlehumour
  • manxman
  • murder
  • mxm
  • mystery
  • romance
  • war
  • werewolf
  • wonderland
  • yaoi
EmmaTheAlien EmmaTheAlien Nov 30, 2016
I'm crying. That is what's happening. I really like this book right now.
JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius Jan 07, 2017
It's so bright you thought the sun is right up to your face XD Damn that's depressing.
SamanthaHeart9 SamanthaHeart9 Feb 18, 2016
Ok, that flashback really got to me since I'm reading this at 12:00 at night right after i got done reading a horror story...yeah, I don't make smart choices lol.
BoyxBoyLibrary BoyxBoyLibrary Mar 18, 2016
Omg my heart feels out for him. *dips hand inside the ipad then slaps Sye hard for being mean*
SamanthaHeart9 SamanthaHeart9 Feb 18, 2016
I love how this has a manga style writing. So refreshing and different. ^^ also, that pic of sye is awesome. Plus, this seems like a book I'm gonna enjoy reading. ^^
CheshireChi CheshireChi Dec 24, 2016
I was thinking ooo a pretty boy and ended up saying it out loud but I ended up saying Ooooo a kitty XD