Dont leave me. Ever. -clato.

Dont leave me. Ever. -clato.

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I woke up, seven o' always. I rose from my bed, to put my dark hair in a ponytail. I got ready for training, to see cato, to be pressured to be my best. I searched my closet for the uniform we're required to wear. A black t-shirt with a little District Two on the back, then my name, Clove, directly under it. I also slipped in to my black jeans, they are wonderful. They have just enough stretch in them, just in case we do some long distance running or jumping. I open my door to see my older brother, Adol, who's now smirking at me. "what are you doing up this early? I thought you would be coddling your hangover somewhere where dad can't see you." I said spitefully, inhaling the scent of cheap booze from the previous night along with the perfume from his whore.

"well, baby sister, you see, I thought I would come see you before you went to go sacrifice yourself to the capitol." his green eyes glaring at me.

"I'm not sacrificing myself, I'm bringing honor to our district and fam...

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