The Bad Boy Saved My Life #Wattys2016

The Bad Boy Saved My Life #Wattys2016

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Peyton Hills has it all. 

She has the perfect life with the perfect parents who shockingly aren't divorced. Her family is loaded and she has so many great friends. She sits at the popular table at lunch and is nice to everyone- even the nerds. 

But her perfect life goes crashing down hill and turns into a mess.

What happens when something tragic strikes Peyton's parents that has her moving all the way across the country to live in New York with her Aunt & Uncle? Can she handle it all at her new school? Not being popular, being unknown, being teased and forced to start over?

The once beautiful 17 year old popular girl turns into the petrified, anxious and mysterious teenager who can't handle anything anymore. Being the lonely girl at the new school; can she find friends and... love? 

One boy notices this lonely girl and coincidentally gets paired up with her for a Health project. He then becomes her only friend. Finding out that she has many secrets to hide, this one boy tries to help Peyton. This one boy saves her life, and tries to bring her out of her shell, making her do spontaneous things with him and it all turns into one hell of a ride.
This 'one boy' is Evan Shepards.

The school's popular, ignorant, cocky jock on the Football team.


Well if my mom saw me throwing up she'd probably panic and tell me to kay down bring me some hot chocolate and tell me to rest lol i love her honestly but she's strict af
jae_328 jae_328 Feb 05
I've read this before! Damn this was such a good book! Adding it to my archive :)
ffgrger ffgrger 7 days ago
I had long brown hair but I got it shoulder cut and died blond
jae_328 jae_328 Feb 05
I've definitely read this before I think I know what happens
rjuvie121 rjuvie121 Feb 09
Some of you are like 'why'd they go and say it to the whole class?' Well she asked why and they told her why durh