I'm NOT Your Bae!

I'm NOT Your Bae!

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Zoelle Carter By ZoelleCookie Updated Jan 23, 2016

"Let me make this shit very clear. We might be soulmates through werewolf shit, but I am NOT yours and I am NOT your bae! Okay? I am NOT your bae! I have gone through too much bullshit with you for one day which I don't want to go through ever again."

Sometimes, their are things that just don't work together.
Like Coke and Mentos.
Business and pleasure.
Shoes and Socks.
And most DEFINITELY...  A pair of hot headed werewolves that include an arrogantly big headed Alpha and a independent black girl.

So when Shanté Thomas and Carter Jackson find out they are SOULMATES, what's going to happen? 
Grab on to your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen...

Because it's going down.

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No bitch lets get one thing straight you gonna be the one on your knees.
I like this chick*laughs and points* i like her alot. she writes good books ppl
jacwat3Oct jacwat3Oct Jan 02
He needs a girl like her to show him some manners.
                              He might be an Alpha, but he needs to have respect.  She will rock his world.
Lickmygummibears Lickmygummibears Apr 07, 2015
It's probably suppose to be socks and sandals because I wear shoes and socks all the time
Seeeh07 Seeeh07 Sep 05, 2014
That LITERALLY was a legit Prologue. You were right with the miss and match then bringin up a Ma in a Wolf Pack with a Arrogant Alpha. YOU GOT ME INTERESTED GIRL!!!
Of course my slow self was thinking about bts and started singing "not today"💀💀