Not a Monster

Not a Monster

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I'm immature By kittykatz4evah Completed

"I asked you a question, and you're going to answer it."

Hmm. To answer or not to answer.

"Geez my name's Carter and can you let go, you're hurting me." I replied making my lower lip quiver slightly.

I'm the master of manipulation.

He let go immediately and I found myself missing his touch.

Stop Carter, don't be an idiot.

"Are all alphas as pissy as you?"

He didn't seem to appreciate my comment.

"Only when it comes to their mates."

Sophia Carter Adams. AKA Carter

She doesn't care what anyone has to say, she just wants to have fun and live her life, which means causing as much trouble as possible. When her dad can't take her behavior anymore, he sends her away in hopes of her loosing her rebel behavior.

Carter has no plans of changing her lifestyle, and maybe things would have went her way, if it weren't for him.

Asher Graham Davis.

(It's not edited and probably has a lot of mistakes. There's also a lot of beware.)

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BabbyyyyyyyyyJae BabbyyyyyyyyyJae Mar 13, 2017
Did she have any clothes with her? Or is she just gonna go back home nude. I guess wolves are used to it
amyia-bates amyia-bates Jan 07
Hold up if I was her I would of packed my bags and left that night with no trace of me and than they'll see how it feels when I'm gone😣😣😣... Woa did I just go off 😂😂😂 💀💀💀💀💀💀 I can't with my self
                              I'm still pissed that he  abandon. Her😣😣
Gabby__21 Gabby__21 Feb 14, 2017
she can't use this excuse because she's fkn up her own life. no one said she had to go around and do all of this stuff
shitlachowski shitlachowski Aug 14, 2016
Nobody DESERVES it. Idc how much shìt you've done, NOBODY deserves to be abandoned by their parent.
Andrea732 Andrea732 Oct 27, 2016
The first thing I thought of was tangled.......Seriously I like hardcore rock songs (and tøp cuz  josh dun is bæ) but I'm constantly singing Disney. ......I have serious problems...
- - Dec 25, 2016
Is your father copying my father? Because they are using the same words! 😕