Almost Lover (Harry Styles) - Book 1

Almost Lover (Harry Styles) - Book 1

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Ava McCain 
An aspiring song writer living in London with a secret past.

Harry Styles
A famous singer who makes it his mission to break down Ava's walls. 

Falling in love is easy. 

Letting someone in when you've been broken isn't. 

*warning- adult and mature themes


'For all those who want a book that will make you laugh, cry, scream at your phone/computer or even lose sleep over this book is perfect!' - @Beautiful_Special21

'You connected us with the characters in an amazing way...' - @hannyantabi

'Almost Lover, All of Me, and Pretend are by far my favorite series of Harry fanfics to date. I have never been so emotionaly invested in a story in my life...' @BellaBlack93

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DisneyHarryDaddy DisneyHarryDaddy Jan 28, 2016
5th time reading this... lets begin the amazing journey once again
fowlerstyles fowlerstyles Jan 16, 2017
I just had to reread all three books. They're all perfectly written. I wish more people would read your work. It's simply amazing
harrrehhhhhhhhhhhhh harrrehhhhhhhhhhhhh Nov 11, 2015
I just listened to Jasmine Thompson's cover of Everybody Hurts and it's so beautifulllll omggggg I love her so much
harrrehhhhhhhhhhhhh harrrehhhhhhhhhhhhh Nov 11, 2015
Focus on me!!! FOCUS FOCUS!! Focus,on, meee !!! WOOOH! 
                              1,2,3 COME ON GIRLS!!! <3
lanasmellray lanasmellray Oct 02, 2015
Iv read this book so many times it makes me sad how underrated it is
ncf516 ncf516 Jun 01, 2015
@swallowingstyles there is so much foreshadowing in this paragraph