When Two Different Worlds Collide (Larry Stylinson AU)

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Once in your life, you find yourself in a situation where there's that certain someone that catches your eye. Someone that you begin to have feelings for, but they don't seem to see you the way you see them.. or see you at all. You grow fond of them more and more every single day, hoping with all you've got that they could feel the same way. But reality hits you hard as you realize that they probably don't even know your name, and that they are totally out of your league. 
    As cliche as it sounds, Louis Tomlinson has been in this frustrating position for three years, and it's now his last year in high school. The feelings never changed, nor faded away. He always had a thing for them; no matter how much he tried to move on, with one glance from that special someone as he walks down the hall, his heart skips a beat in an instant, every single time. 
    One day, his prayers were finally answered... thanks to a simple school project, actually.
sorry but it's so difficult to read when some parts of the text are written in present tense and some parts are written in past tense, it's so confusing
Bahaha, I just re-read the prologue and it's amazing how similar our Fics are. The only difference is that yours is school based and Harry is the one that can't figure out his feelings :)