Forgetting me

Forgetting me

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Everyones-a-lil-gay By everyones-a-lil-gay Updated Sep 03

It was only supposed to be a hike through limestone forest, play a bit of truth or dare and go home. But it would only become so much more. 

For Døv and Isabella the hike was going great, having fun getting to know each other better with truths and making each other to stupid things with the dares. But one dare that was supposed to be a joke, she wasn't supposed to do it. 'She shouldn't have gone in there. Why did she? Who is she? I know you, but I also don't.' 

"What happened to her?"

 An. I'm discontinuing this because I've simply lost interest and no longer have motivation to write this. My laptop also deleted all of my notes and plans for the whole story and all of the chapters.