Chapter 6-

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The chair swivelled  around to reveal an older looking woman, most likely in her mid 20's, staring them down. The woman had long, pitch black, straight hair. She was wearing a vampire looking buttoned up coat, with red gems in place of buttons. She had deep red makeup with dark eyeshadow, placed to make her eyes look elongated, almost cat-like.

"Who are you?" Sophie asked with a snarl on her face, obviously not liking the unknown woman seated in front of them.

"Oh my apologies dearests I completely forgot my manners, I am Evangeline Rosswell." She explained, sticking her gloved hand over the desk, prompting a handshake. Which she received.

"I adore the way you talk, it just sounds so... formal," Sophie exclaimed after releasing her hand.

"What are your intentions, Evangeline Rosswell?" Døv said her name like it was poison, clearly not as accepting of Evangeline as Sophie was.

"How about we walk and talk?" Evangeline asked, going around her desk to lead the way over to a door next to the stairs, opening it and leading Døv and Sophie out to a seperate hallway, her coattail swaying in sync with her hips as she walked. "Just around this corner and up the stairs," she explained following her own instructions. Døv and Sophie's footsteps quick behind her to keep up and not get lost in the maze of a house.

Heading up the stairs Evangeline opened the door to an open courtyard with a small, white table sitting in the middle, a game of croquet set up on the side.

"Take a seat ladies." Evangeline said gesturing to two of the three seats, Sophie and Døv sitting down facing each other with Evangeline in the middle.

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