Chapter 5- Break in the Wall

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Once she heard the tapping Sophie freaked out and ran back towards Døv. The concrete beneath her feet banging as she sprinted back towards her.

"You're not a 'damsel in distress'?" Døv chuckled.

"Shut up" Sophie spat, latching herself onto Døv's arm.

"Sure..." Døv said as she started her journey along the wall. To hopefully find a door or something to get out of the almost pitch black room.


The tapping is getting louder, both under their feet and the sound echoing through the eerily cold room. Døv is dragging her hand along the brick wall, feeling each small minuscule bump and imperfection in the wall encompassing them. It felt like they were walking forever in silence. Until Sophie spoke up "I'm bored." It was simple but to be fair, Døv was bored too. Just walking along a wall wasn't very entertaining, she came to the conclusion that the room was probably a large circle. As they had yet to reach a corner, and this couldn't just be a very long hallway.

Døv's hand brushed up against a larger dent in the bricks, she was used to there being dents but this was far to large to be a simple area for grout. She froze in place, turning so now her whole body was facing the wall. And running her hand up and down the crack. Feeling the concavity. The whole thing was about 6 feet high and 4 feet wide, just to test something Døv decided to push slightly on the door-shaped crack, shocked when it shifted slightly. 'That's weird,' Døv thought to herself. 'It shouldn't move. Maybe a bit harder. This could be my way out!' She started pushing harder, dust falling off of the bricks. She was able to get it open a little bit but at this point there was no stopping her, there was a bright white light on the other side and she had to get out of there.

The light coming in allowed her to see Sophie standing off to the side, watching on. Døv backed up, she was going to open this door if it was the last thing she did. She ran up and rammed her shoulder into it, her shoulder started throbbing, but it opened a lot more. She grabbed Sophie, "Break down the door." She nodded and they both backed up, ready for a second round.

"One." Døv said, getting both of the prepared for running

"Two." Sophie whispered obviously not doing this before, but neither had Døv.

"Three!" They both said in unison as they started running at the door. Turning towards the side so they didn't run straight into it.

A bright light flooded the room as well as their senses as the hidden brick door snapped off of its hinges inwards falling over in the process. Døv and Sophie couldn't relax as they realised that they didn't know what was on the other side, which was in fact stairs. They started tumbling down them.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs and once their eyes adjusted to the bright lights. They got up and looked around. Noticing that they were in a really large library looking room and also that they were both really sore. The walls were made out of wood, just like the old room that Døv woke up in, but it was more polished, not the same dull, chipped, falling apart wood from that room. This looked new and pristine, almost untouched. Three of the walls were covered in bookshelves, full of what looked like encyclopaedias. Directly in front of them was a large desk, complimenting the dark walls with a lighter coloured wood, scattered with multiple trinkets and books, as well as a large hourglass that was only halfway done.

There was a large, throne-like chair behind the desk, the same wood as the walls but with a red, cushioned accent in the middle. The back of the chair was facing them. A bout of wicked laughter started coming from the chair. "Døv Harris and Isabella Karli or should I call you Sophie Castillo? It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

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