Chapter 1-Truth or dare

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Tap, tap, tap. The echoing tap of the leaves and sticks under their feet creating an echoing noise inside the woods.
"I dare you to jump into those bushes there." Isabella stated with a devilish grin on her face, staring Døv down with eyes that could kill.

"Easy," and with that final statement Døv completed the dare, jumping in feet first.

"Okay my turn to give you a dare now." Døv stopped for a moment to think, the crunching of leaves under their feet stopping as they did. "I dare you to go into the abandoned house on 20th Lane." Døv chuckled even mentioning the name, no one would dare go near there, let alone inside. "Oh and you have to take an item out,"
Isabella let out a short nervous chuckle.
"You're kidding right?"


"But it's dusk?" Isabella stated more as a question than a statement.

"Just do it."


The whole walk to the abandoned building Isabella was fidgeting with the strings on her jumper. "Just one item. In then out?" She asked really hoping that Døv would see that this was a really stupid and dangerous dare.

"Yes, it's quite simple. I would do it myself if I wasn't wearing my new boots" Døv joked, striking an eccentric pose. They stepped onto the concrete path in front of the abandoned house, the ground creating a slight echo. The building itself was sturdy for the most part but it was old, rusty, and really run down with vines and plants covering the lower part of the building.

"In then out okay?"

"Okay," Isabella stated forcing a smile."If I die you better not forget me," she joked.

It had been 30 minutes, 30 minutes since Isabella accepted the dare and walked into the building. That's 30 minutes too long. Døv approached the building and walked up to the front, the stairs underneath her feet creaking slightly from water damage and decay. She poked her head in, it was almost silent apart from the slight tapping noise from inside the walls and ceiling. Døv takes a careful step in, the planks beneath her feet shifting slightly as she entered the large parlour. The walls were painted a dark grey and there was a large red and black rug running from the doorway all the way to the grand staircase. Døv walked around a little bit calling out Isabella's name. She screamed hoping for an answer. The closer she gets to the steps the louder and more irritating the knocking gets. She stays away following her instincts, she's already checked for a phone signal but there's nothing.

"Gosh this is like one of those cheesy horror movies." She whispered to no one in particular.

Once she had searched the whole floor, which was almost empty apart from a bit of furniture in each room, she headed back into the parlour. As she approached the grand, dark, burnt cedar staircase. Something felt off. It felt as if she was being watched by someone. Pushing that feeling aside she started climbing the staircase. She cringed at each creak on the old warped stairs, but it didn't sway her determination to make it to the second floor. As she got nearer the the top of the stairs the tapping turned into an almost thumping noise, making her ears ring. Døv started running, running from what? She didn't know, but it didn't matter. A sharp pain in the back of her head, then black.

Døv woke up in a room, tucked into a bed with a thin, blue sheet. She felt a wet substance on her forehead, she reached up to touch it. Blood, she probably hit her head. She sat up, spots appearing in her vision from getting up too fast and saw Isabella. "Issy!" This was the best kind of relief for her. "I'm so happy to see you!" Døv was ecstatic, she got up, ran over to her and almost jumped into her arms.

"Say again."

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