The Hound's Moon

The Hound's Moon

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Yuuta Aki By yuutao Completed

"Let me live in peace! I despise the wars... especially with what they did to my past."

Not only was Yuuki Satou a unique magecraft user, she even lost her family because of that attribute. Her memories, at first sealed after the death of her last family member, were slowly being retrieved. Living in Shinto, Fuyuki City now for almost three years, she found her peace as being a florist.

It was until she realized that someone approached her for the unusual request of being a Master. Rejecting that idea quickly, she tried to go back to her daily peaceful routine... to which it was futile.

Not only is she now somewhat involved, someone from her past resurfaces... But she doesn't recall them at all. A promise that was yet to be fulfilled hung on the very edge of a cliff as Yuuki is forced to be dragged into a troublesome war as well as her life on the line.

Fate/Stay Night ©️ Kinoko Nasu
Any artwork posted to respective owners. 
Yuuki Satou ©️ Yuuta Aki (yuutao)

Origin @ Feb. 2019 - April 2019
Total Word Count: ~ 64,000 words.
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1st in #chulainn (as of 3/27/19)
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1st in #fatestaynight (as of 4/22/19)

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