Element COMPLETED (almost)

Element COMPLETED (almost)

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IJ Smitt By purplepuppy202 Updated Jan 13

Five Elements.
One school.

In a world unknown to man, there is a place called Dimicel. Each person who lives here controls one of the five elements- air, fire, earth, animal, and water.

300 years ago Dimicel was ravaged by war, but now is a thriving and successful civilization. From ages 11 to 18, every child must attend Dimicel's School for Elements, where students live during the school year and go home for the summer.

Ramaya Naciat, an air element going into her fourth year of schooling, is expecting yet another boring, typical two semesters. She brings with her only a suitcase, her wits, and her strength (oh, and her little sister). The year unravels much differently than ones past, and Ramaya, her sister, and her friends will be tested, share laughs, shed tears, fall in love, and discover things hidden since times of war.

But one thing's for certain.

It will be one unforgettable year. 

WARNING: this is a very raw piece of writing that combines four years of writing and many plot discrepancies. Read at your own risk, but the writing and plot does improve gradually.
Written collaboratively by Wien and Megan(purplepuppy202 and megamoo68)

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Blueality Blueality Aug 22, 2017
                              I read a lot of stories last year, then ended up leaving Wattpad for a bit. I remember loving this story and still have the place where I had left off, but a lot is a blur, so #rr children
cookiemonsterabby cookiemonsterabby Aug 01, 2016
Ok so you have me hooked, AND IT IS ONLY THE INTRO!!!! I'm so looking forward to reading this!!!
MissCyanidee MissCyanidee Feb 17, 2016
I don't know if you would see this but this is My third time reading and I'm still not sure how to pronounce some of the harder names like Wuma and Dicimel? I'm been saying Dicimel as Di-si-Mel
Lucky_C Lucky_C Mar 27, 2016
Seemed? I'm probably looking to much into this word but still.
                              Does it mean some weren't?
MaxBookWorm MaxBookWorm Jul 08, 2015
am I the only person who read this in one of those voice over voices you hear at the beginning of tv shows? You know, the voices that are all soft and mysterious and dramatic?
never_nightly never_nightly Jun 19, 2015
                              Wuma: "FEAR ME!!"
                              Me: *laughs* "wait! What's your name?"
                              Wuma: "wummmmA!!!"
                              Me: *chokes on air* "WUMA?"
                              WUMA: "yes wuma."
                              Me: *bursts out laughing* "HA! WUMA!!"