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"They were elements that were not supposed to mix,but they were. And just like mixing hydrogen peroxide with Sulfuric Acid; Inevitable explosion."

"This isn't right." I whispered¸ fear seeping into my voice.

I felt goose bumps grow on my neck, at his sudden proximity. Control. All I needed was a little self control to stop the feeling growing in my stomach.
 Soon I was looking straight at him, eye to eye.

 He leaned in closer, I felt my knees wobble and my breath hitched, he went straight to my ear a cocky smirk making its way onto his face and whispered, "Never said it was." 

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datasszmine datasszmine Dec 03, 2016
do drugs kids, not hugs. I mean do hugs not drugs. Yeah, thats what i meant.
BurghIsland96 BurghIsland96 Dec 04, 2016
People are out here talking about how they are thinking of Saving Elliot and all I can think of is Hush Hush 🙆
RaeRaeMo RaeRaeMo Dec 15, 2016
I'm like a mixture of nerd/ prep and indie hipster but we don't have these labels at my school
_Litost _Litost 5 days ago
pop/stoner /hipster & plastic mixed with a while lotta nerd and you basically got me.. maybe a splash of indie now that I think about it
OhItsRonni OhItsRonni Oct 03, 2016
I had to read a poem in Language Arts called "Identity" by Julio Noboa. Its about a weeds and flowers, weeds being independent people flowers being pampered and protected people.
PotatoPotatoTomato PotatoPotatoTomato Dec 11, 2016
You guys have to remember that this was started in 2012 (I think)