The Matchmakers Club (:COMPLETED:)

The Matchmakers Club (:COMPLETED:)

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"I'll strangle you." I said showing him my hands and making a motion of squeezing an invisible neck.
He laughed. "But if you straddle me, I'll just hold on more tightly." He said pretending as if he had heard wrong.
"Strangle I said STRANGLE."I screamed. He was howling with laughter and had loosened his grip on my waist. Taking this as an opportunity, I pushed hard against his chest with my hands and rolled off to my left. I was on my knees one second and on my feet in another second. I stood glaring at the imbecile moron as he continued to laugh.


Carmen never asked for a matchmaker......neither did she ask for the three Stalkers who are hell bent on getting her whether she likes it or not. Which of the stalkers will get her first? Will the matchmaker achieve creating the illusion of the much wanted serendipity in her life? Will the matchmaker do more? Or will Carmen finally die out of embarrassment as the world seems to be throwing her in many embarrassing situations. Embarrassing situations involving a blond headed guy with, icy blue irises. 
Read and find out............ :)

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broccoliismyenemy broccoliismyenemy May 08, 2017
Oh god, I don't like pink. Am I not a girl? Welp, my whole life was a lie. See ya suckers. I'm moving to Mexico
bookeatingworm bookeatingworm Apr 19, 2017
I hate pink and it's one of my brother's favorite color and he's not gay
hmm i guess i'm not a girl cause i hate pink but i love black and red
iamwaytoogone iamwaytoogone May 14, 2017
I just don't really care. My favorite color is blue, but the rest I just simply don't care.
iamwaytoogone iamwaytoogone May 14, 2017
But wait, if u weren't spying on her, how did u know she was hot?
confvsedasfvck confvsedasfvck Sep 14, 2014
This story is funny and good. Lol. Keep up the good work :-D