Dulce (Billdip Fanfic)

Dulce (Billdip Fanfic)

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Karkat Strider By XxKarkatStriderxX Completed

In which many random shenanigans happen (plus all those song references) and you begin to think that MAYBE everyone in this book is either a devious fangirl, a cockblock, yandere or on their man-period.

Apt description, yes? :3

BEWARE: This fanfic is absolutely atrocious and should not be read under any circumstance. You can ask anyone, this fanfic is awful. It deserves to be burned.

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In my 6th period at school today someone was eating doritos XD
Lol.well I know you lay in bed contemplating your own deth well just look at what you've done don't you dare forget the sun love
Omg omg me and my friends started fangirling so bad when we read dont you dare (forget the sun)
Was that a- did you just- *listens to get scared over and over* YOU DID!
Gay_Lord03 Gay_Lord03 Aug 09
I just saw your name. I love you even more now see the pins and karkat strider. Oml this is amazing