Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured Story]

Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured Story]

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Summer By SummerSurfs Updated Jul 04

A surfing safari down the coast of California, a few shocking and rather unpleasant secrets, and four inevitable relationships that seem doomed to fail - this is where six salt-encrusted, surf-stoked teenagers find themselves as they rocket down PCH in a beat-up Volkswagen surf van.  

Alana Walker was born and bred in the waters of Ventura, CA.  She's known as the best surfer at C Street and has a heart for God.  Cole Anderson, on the other hand, hates anything that has to do with church and loathes being second-best to a girl, especially when that girl is Alana.  So when these two get stuck on a month-long surfing safari, they find that their relationships - and more importantly, their faith - is about to be compromised.

However, the old saying still rings true: opposites do attract.

[ adventure #3 ]


I'm reading this for the second time when I first read it I loved it (but I didn't get to read the whole thing so I'm starting over) and I just can't get enough pun intended
I fell in love with surfing ever since I went to Australia. Oooh, there's much I'd give up to come back and actually learn to ride those waves!
Wow... I've never surfed before but this intro was like... Don't even know how to describe it...
I already love this book!!! You are a amazing writer 😄😀😃
kbug10503 kbug10503 Jul 09
Sand IN your ears is a different story... It doesn't feel good. Love the story so far though. I miss the beach. I love in Tennessee so I don't get to go as often
Your writing shows your love fr surfing nd only a pro can write such a descriptive chapter (: looking forward to this book