Caught Inside

Caught Inside

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Summer By SummerSurfs Completed

[ sequel to Can't Get Enough ]

With their surfing safari over and their summer coming to a close, a tight-knit group of Californian teens are preparing for a new school year and the new problems it entails.  For Alana, it seems simple: join the surf team, focus on graduating, and grow closer to the guy who captured her heart over the summer.  For Cole, it's a bit more complicated: he must stand behind his values, start with a fresh new outlook for his senior year, and maybe even find the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams.

But when the group makes a surf film that goes viral and sends the media  knocking on their door, their quiet coastal atmosphere changes dramatically.  Lines are drawn, relationships are torn, and hearts are broken.  With the weight of potential colleges, romance, and staying rooted in their faith pressing down on them, the gang will have to grow up fast if they want to make it through the impact zone and into the waters of success.

  • california
  • christianity
  • romance
  • surfing
  • teen
LB_Jade LB_Jade Jul 21
Ugh you finished CGE AND a sequel while I was gone?? That's crazy. I'm gonna re-read the first book and get back to this one ASAP :) YAY lots of great reads for the summer woohoo!
abbie_persson abbie_persson Dec 06, 2015
Oops you wrote if you haven't yet read 'caught inside' I think you meant 'can't get enough' Might want to just fix that :)
Treblestar Treblestar Sep 20, 2015
I had no clue when it came to surfing before I read can't gt enough.. Now I can't wait to read more!
- - Aug 01, 2015
I can't believe I didn't find out about this sequel until now! Thanks, Wattpad.
                              But, wow! You have such a way with words that, once again, you've pulled me into a genre that I am not that fond of. :D <3
                              Sorry for taking so long to read this. You could have told me! xD
tanyanovalie tanyanovalie Jul 17, 2015
im so so so excited right now summer you have no idea!!! (if you don't recgonize me it's because I changed my username like 3 times in the past few months.. oops(: )
aftermore aftermore Jul 04, 2015
omg I just died of happiness when I woke up and saw that this was dedicated to me. Thank you really, you continue to inspire :) God Bless You