Just one day

Just one day

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sp1nach By sp1nach Updated Oct 30, 2018

Today felt like a fairytale. But will it be a happy ever after? 

I wonder.

He looked at me at that moment and met my gaze. There was something in his expression that sent electric currents through my body. I can't exactly describe what it was but the pull was so intense I had to break our eye contact so I can breathe. 

He reached out and tilted my chin towards him. As he slowly moved closer to me, I was held frozen by the intensity of his gaze.

Then I felt his lips press against mine and the rest of the world faded into the background. 


Matt and Mandy were polar opposites, literally and figuratively. 

She lives by the rules, he likes to break them. She likes planning ahead, he likes to take each day as it comes.

In another country, at a different place and time in their lives, their worlds collided. But when they return home and back to their normal routines, thousands of miles apart, can they trust a relationship that was built in just one day?


Started July 13, 2018

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Thank you guys! 

My first wattpad story! Thanks to all the fabulous Wattpad writers here, I got inspired from your creativity :)

***Inspired from true events***

Book is told from Amanda's POV.

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