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Frustrated Writer By mzsaldana Completed

They said that there's nothing like the love of your own parents. Well for the 17 year old girl Angela, it's completely the oppossite. She's being physically abused by her father. With no one to turn to, she keeps everything to herself. Afraid that if someone finds out about it, her father might kill her. Nearly 8 years of phycial abuse, she learned to isolate herself amongst her peers from school. She distanced herself from friends that she used to have. Only spoke when necessary. Everytime someone would try to befriend with her, she would push them away. Caught up with her own messed up life, she met Brandon the new guy from her class. He's not your typical cliche jock guy. Brandon seems to have some interest on Angela. But with her pushing him away everytime he tries to get to know her, it made it extra harder for him to talk to her. But what happens when he finds out what kind of life she has? Will he easily give up? Or will he actually try to earn her trust and help her?

froggy247 froggy247 Mar 12
Ok, I have nothing to say, I just thought that since the comment would show up, it might look like more people are reading your book. 
                              Not that its not amazing!! Its just new! So I thought I could help out. Tell if it offended u in any way!
Aravinus Aravinus Jan 23
That's like an awesome plot device dude like a great reason why she couldn't go to the police
It's a great reason why she didn't go to the police...Love the beginning.
1AmyRedekop1 1AmyRedekop1 Dec 11, 2016
Haven't even read the whole chapter and I love it already your book is great👍🏼
mzsaldana mzsaldana Jan 30
A reader like you are one of the reasons why writers love to write.
XxDayDreamer48xX XxDayDreamer48xX Jan 25, 2013
her brother better have a good reason for not coming back for 8 years. if not... (fist punces other hand about 3 times)