The girl beneath the bruises

The girl beneath the bruises

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Ashley is basically the Queen of Nerds at her stereo-type filled high school, and being abused at home doesn't really help. But what happens when the most popular boy at school sees her bruises?


"Here let me help." It was Jason. He was in the girls bathroom, the girls bathroom.

"That's ok." I mumbled turning away. The bruise was starting to show.

"No I insist." He grabbed my arm and turned me around. I winced and looked up at him.

He started to dab like I was doing, then he started to rub. He stared at my arm intently.

"Is that a bruise?" He asked looking at me then the bruise and back and forth.

"Yeah, I, um fell off my! Yeah my bike!" I said.

He rolled his eyes and let go of my arm.

"Well whatever just get that checked out." He said smiling.

"Why do you care?" I asked.

"Because I'm trying to be nice," Then he mumbled, "It's not like you have friends anyway."

"Hey! That's not nice." I said furrowing my eyebrows.

He held up his hands in a no offense motion.

"I'm just saying you could use some friends." He said.


Cover by @QueenCourtneyLynn

dolan121 dolan121 Aug 11
omg thats the picture of that girl from the to the bone movie where she has anorexia i am so shook right now haha lol
Honoredwolf Honoredwolf Apr 15
^if you read the description to the book, you would know that she gets abused at home...
froggy247 froggy247 Apr 27
At least that teacher cared to talk to her about it, even if it wasn't true. More then my school
Teachers barley care about bullying they'll act like they know what your going through but as soon as you come to they'll says oh come on stay strong you'll get through. Well at least with the teachers I've had
MotherGrace MotherGrace Aug 23
Da Fuq I learned about the Boston Tea Party in 5th grade and you out here in high school?
miiikaXchan miiikaXchan Apr 15
i am so sorry if my comment came out as insensitive. i understand anyone can be a target of bullying. i just wish the character was more relatable in the sense of looks. bullying is an issue but so is self image. girls comparing them selves to a model is not good