Blood Line (Urban)

Blood Line (Urban)

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"This was suppose to be easy, nobody was suppose to get hurt".   

Twenty year old Ivory Santana was what most people would call friendly and caring. She'd be the person you'd  least expect to have a father running one of the biggest drug trafficking industry's in America. Ivory has went through great measures keeping that part of her life private while attending college at NYU, that is until she's taken.  

Twenty two year old Jade and his older brother Ohaji are 2 completely different types of people that you wouldn't expect to even associate with each other if they weren't related. With dreams of one day being as legendary as their father once was. The two brothers were given the task of kidnapping their boss, big Al's enemy's daughter until he agrees to compromise. Sounds simple enough right? WRONG.  

 What happens when Ivory teams up with the brothers and this turns into a cat and mouse game between bonds and blood?

  • death
  • drama
  • drugs
  • ghetto
  • hate
  • hood
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • money
  • urban
Gailesia1 Gailesia1 3 days ago
Boom 💥 pop pop bang bang 🗣 everybody gotta die 🤣 fućk ya parents ivory
ameyshat ameyshat 20 hours ago
Damn you did yo damn thing with this shii right here like I’m sooo juiced I don’t wanna read no more bc I wanna save it but I wanna read it because it’s interesting #100% #PROPS
Richh_B Richh_B 7 hours ago
I guess na ima have to learn how to drive from the passenger seat🤷🏽‍♀️
yourgr8estdream yourgr8estdream a day ago
They would've had to kill me😒 i couldn't take getting kidnapped
Yours_trulyA Yours_trulyA 7 days ago
this story is 100% more funny because of the comments 😂😂❤️
Richh_B Richh_B 7 hours ago
I like him dude he so nice to her☺️ ima lil skeptical on O ass🙄