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Tyler Tyron Wesley vs. Tanesha Ashton 

Her father was a very prominent, influential and powerful man. Such a person was bound to have enemies. So when Tanesha Ashton gets kidnapped and gets to know the gruesome plans her captors has in store for her...and there's no sign of her father coming to the rescue, she knows she has only two options. Either sit still and allow her captors to kill her, or find a way to escape. She goes with the second option because Tanesha Ashton didn't roll over for anyone!

Little did she know that there was no such thing as leaving the grips of the notorious gang ZONKAI, alive.

Lt. Tyler Tyron Wesley is a Navy SEAL. The best amongst his squad. He loved the action, the excitement and the thrill of getting the bad guys. So when he's called upon to go on a very important mission, he's thrilled. But when he's told that his assignment was to infiltrate an enemy camp, stay undercover, babysit the daughter of a very prominent person, and then rescue her from the grips of the dreaded ZONKAI, he's livid. Not only was Ty not a babysitter, but he just didn't have the patience to pretend to be part of a gang who had murdered his colleague.

But his country needed his service. And he didn't have any choice but to serve.

What happens when these two spirited people find themselves together? How do they take it when they begin to have intense feelings for each other? Can they fight the attraction? Do they even want to?

(Cover by the amazing SuperSonicPaGer)

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That moment when you're reading an amazing book and see your country's name pop up.
- - Sep 16, 2017
Omg my parents just visited there on a cruise and they said it was beautiful! I'm so jealous!
Ew😭😭😭tattoo? Forehead? Hell look like that rapper guy with tats all over his face 😩😩😩
Lol..... I love it. Thrilling and intriguing with lot of suspense can't wait to read d next chapter........
Ok I’m not even scared anymore I just feel sick🤢🤢🤢🤢
I'm not a bxg fanf so this is really bad and great at the same time..😉