Sex, Drugs, Money, & Love (complete)..also editing

Sex, Drugs, Money, & Love (complete)..also editing

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Completed

Zihir had what all street guys want. He had bad bitches, drugs, and lots and lots of money. He was king of the Hood. Slangin rocks is what brought him his fortune.

Zihir got anything he wanted. He has a crew that had his back to the fullest and would die for him and one of the biggest names on the street. He was THE man.

Then There was Nique. She was in college and trying to get her shit together. Her life had never been perfect and she had done some foul shit also in her time. But she was trying to move forward and put that behind her. Life was too short to waste. Her sister thought different. Everyday was a party and they craved adventure!

What will happen when these two totally different people cross paths? Drug lord woman user meets the good girl who could probably change him.

Of course, it becomes a chase. Because she wants nothing to do with him and wants to sample her.

Will he get his way? Our will she run game on the player himself?

Its all Sex, Drugs, Money, & Love

( Caution)


-- NOT EDITED -- You have been warned !!

_Tahja _Tahja Dec 29, 2017
Fuk her like I’m mad then put her out in the morning 🎶💀
JordyJordann JordyJordann Apr 14, 2017
Daaaang i gotta use the bathrooom. Girl you gon have to take this one
JussRedd1 JussRedd1 Oct 21, 2017
@Silly_nilly123 her pussy was so bad she ain't deserve a Uber they cost more than a cab 😂
Silly_nilly123 Silly_nilly123 Apr 10, 2017
Started from the bottom now we here.. Sorry I had too 😂😂😂
Silly_nilly123 Silly_nilly123 Apr 10, 2017
She a victim because he killed that *In plies voice* pwussy😭😭😭
OnlyThe_Neff OnlyThe_Neff Aug 05, 2015
Alright Starting Good Annnddd For Some Reason I Feel This Dude Is Short.