The Los Angeles Lighthouse | ✔

The Los Angeles Lighthouse | ✔

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Mason Marks is a screw up.

Every day is a struggle to cough up enough money for rent, to ignore the reek of despair flooding the streets, to stop himself from slipping further into the shadows and slums of Downtown L.A. 

And he is sick of it.

When he's kidnapped by a creature seemingly taken straight out of folklore, his world is flipped upside down--quite literally.

There, he is rescued by two strangers who are part of an organization tasked with keeping the peace between the two words: Earth and the land of folklore, Somnium.

Though Mason stumbles to find his footing in a world where fantasy and reality walk side by side, he is nothing but determined. Mason has no choice but to fight for both worlds. 

To fight against the oppressors, those who claim to be on his side, his doubts, and his own inner darkness.

from readers:
"With it's wonderfully diverse and interesting cast of characters, The Los Angeles Lighthouse will take you on a little adventure into a world of pure fantasy and some emotional rollercoasters. Easily my favorite book on Wattpad. And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for stray spears!" -@honey-tea-rosemary 
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