Because of Lauren ✔ Jenzie

Because of Lauren ✔ Jenzie

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❤Rawan❤ By Jenzielink Completed

Mackenzie finds the courage to ask out her enemy's brother, and gets rejected. From then, Jenzie get's complicated. 

There's so much ups and downs, twists and turns, fights and makeups. 

Kenzie MIGHT get her happy ending- with Johnny and Lauren- but she also might find herself back where she started.


Annie nodded, laughing. Both Annie and Hayden got out of the car, leaving Johnny and I in here.

Once they shut the doors, Johnny faced me. "Are you mad at me? I thought we ended things on good terms. What happened?"

I gave him a glare, sighing. "Nothing happened. We're good."

Johnny groaned, "don't lie to me, Kenzie. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong," I lied. I didn't want to tell him that I was mad, just because he didn't visit me. I'll just sound desperate. Like I'm desperate for his attention.

 I think I'm overreacting over this whole thing. He didn't visit me. That's it. But there's got to be more to the story.

Johnny grabbed my hands, and tilted my head up, to meet his eyes. "I said to not lie to me."

His green eyes are so gorgeous. I was probably drooling over them. But I wouldn't know if I was, or if I wasn't, because I was too caught up in those sets of green perfection, I wasn't paying attention to anything else.