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book #1 | be with me | jenzie by jenziefanfictor
book #1 | be with me | jenzieby jenziefanfictor
[completed] "you don't know yet? you are meant to be with me," his past suffocates him. that's why he needs her more than anything to guide him out of the dark...
thē ງirl ຖēxt ໓໐໐r ✰ jenzie by yodeling-haley
thē ງirl ຖēxt ໓໐໐r ✰ jenzieby aka brysonheart
[completed] "I'm good at pretending I'm okay. I'm good at sealing it up and making it seem like it's okay. But inside, I'm an mentos in a Coke bottle." °°°°° J...
Junior Year : A Jenzie Story   by 123ajw2
Junior Year : A Jenzie Story by 123ajw2
Kenzie is in her junior year of highschool. The year that starts to count. She needs good grades so she can get a scholar ship for university to peruse her dream of runn...
Keeping up with the Labrants  by AlishaIsBoring
Keeping up with the Labrants by Alisha 🦋
[ incomplete ] Mackenzie was a girl that was left in care at 4 years old. Until one day a family changed her life forever... No. 1 #colelabrant ~ 17/08/20 No.182 #johnny...
FOR YOU PAGE || jenzie by johnkenz
FOR YOU PAGE || jenzieby johnkenz
in which tiktok brings two teenagers together #renegade
FALLING FOR MR. PERFECT by chloesdiaries
in which a girl falls for her best friend; jenzie highest ranks; #1 - jenzie #1 - kenzieziegler #1 - laurenorlando #1 - johnnyorlando #1- mackenzieziegler -completed-
fOrCed mArRiaGe || jenzie by bangchanskz_
fOrCed mArRiaGe || jenzieby bangchan_
a girl which is forced to marry a boy. It's not just any boy. It's Johnny Orlando. What's so bad abt Johnny? Will she agree to it? Will they mArRiaGe tear apart?
FALSE   (  jenzie  ) by -vxlvets
FALSE ( jenzie )by ミ★ M
" fuck you johnny orlando! " " you already did. " - in which a sensible, level headed teenage girl gets caught up with none other than a player and...
in which three strangers meet and make a pact
SHUT UP!   jenzie by johnnyoyeet
SHUT UP! jenzieby yeet
"did you, mackenzie frances ziegler just hug me by your own will?" "shut up" in which two best friends fall in love [ hightest ranking: #2 in #macke...
quick add by softziegler
quick addby kenny💌
in which a boy adds a girl from quick add and flips their schools upside down. started: july 3rd 2019 finished: august 10th 2019
✓ | MIDNIGHT MONSTERS  by orlandopotatoes
➳ in which an innocent naive girl asks her handsome neighbours to check under her bed every night ⟷ johnny orlando ✗ mackenzie ziegler plot creds to bestay : @lovelangu8...
Divorced ✔ Jenzie by Jenzielink
Divorced ✔ Jenzieby ❤Rawan❤
When catching your husband having an affair with your best friend, you make up your mind. You want a divorce. The only problem is, you share a child. You can't stay away...
*Jenzie* Happier With You COMPLETED by Ship_Love_Stories
*Jenzie* Happier With You COMPLETEDby Kayla
One night, one party, a few minutes with Johnny Orlando were enough to make him absolutely unforgettable, now try moving to the same school as him. It's not easy to find...
I Will Never Love You~Jenzie by octaven94
I Will Never Love You~Jenzieby octaven94
Two teenagers set to be married when they turn 18. One, a 16 year old bullied, broken girl. The other, a 17 year old mean, angry boy. Johnny hates Mackenzie for everyth...
FANPAGE| JENZIE by linaxfics
FANPAGE| JENZIEby l i n a 🌊
in which her fanpage is her escape
the boy next door • jenzie by elevenziegler
the boy next door • jenzieby h a n n a h <3
mackenzie is a born and raised city girl, but when her mom marries a pig farmer from middle-of-nowhere kansas, she's forced to give up her high society new york city lif...
More than hate. Less than love by Jenzieisfire
More than hate. Less than loveby Crunchy money
2 friends, or thats what people think. Mackenzie and Johnny were complicated you could say. That hated each other, fucked each other, kissed each other, and made each ot...
searching for love  by riniibowen
searching for love by lara🪐
| in which a girl gets stuck between three boys she has feelings for | #1 in johnnyorlando #1 in mackenzieziegler
in which the children of disney characters have to live their legacy