A Dark Butterfly// Marichat fanfic {Completed}

A Dark Butterfly// Marichat fanfic {Completed}

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"Why can't you tell me?" Cat Noir clutched her arm.
"You know why Kitty," Ladybug tried to break away, but his grasp was too tight, "Cat, I'm going to change back!" she struggled against his grip. He just looked at her with tears swelling in his eyes.
"I know," he held her tighter. 

Ladybug and Cat Noir are now 18 and still don't know who each other are. Saving Paris is one thing, but saving their own lives are another. Emotions have changed and so have times. Hawkmoth is still a mystery and so is everything else. 
What happens when Hawkmoth figures out who is Ladybug?
A Marichat Love story (as well as adrienette, ladynoir and ladrien too tehe)

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Show: Miraculous Ladybug
All characters are not mine, but the storyline is
New chapters maybe once or twice a week
Enjoy xx

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