Hide Me from the Bad Boy

Hide Me from the Bad Boy

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"What a brilliant idea, Bonnie. Now his friends saw us with it." I shook my head.

"Hey, don't try to pin this whole thing off on me. I was only trying to help...you should have never stolen it!" She rubbed the temples of her forehead.

"I didn't steal. I borrowed." I stated.

Jonah went towards the window and pulled one of the blinds down a little. "Uh, guys? You may want to stop the cat fight. Skylor's outside. And he looks pretty pissed off." 

Suddenly there were a series of loud thuds on my front door.

"I know you're in there Sky! Either you open up the damn door or I'm breaking it down, I swear!" Skylor yelled.


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That should be a candy.... Yeah's&Sure's candy only 1$ at any store.
why would you stand in the pouring rain to call your mom instead of just staying in the car?¿ smh Wattpad heroines
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I'm not shipping them cuz if I do its gna be either Skylynn or Skylor
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This is what I say to people who I don't like or don't like me
The black hand, I learned about this in history the other day😂