concealed - h.styles // completed

concealed - h.styles // completed

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annie rose By Luver_of_Niall317 Completed

Alex Parks had always wanted to be a good person with a normal life.

Then a rude, temperamental violent boy entered it and threw everything out of her control.

Car chases, fights, family betrayal, love, and concealed secrets will all be unraveled, putting Alex in the spotlight she never wanted in the first place.


Fanfiction - #3
 Action - #9

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naluecchi naluecchi May 28
I opened the door for my moms friend and she whooped tf outta me 😕
weezabeth weezabeth Jul 22
at first i thought she was adopted then her dad said "our boss" and i thought MAFIA
At first I thought the moms having an affair with bob Duncan ,then I thought they're in the fookin mafia but this ,this is something else
naluecchi naluecchi May 28
She's the daughter of a highly dangerous mafia leader who had to join a family in hopes of keeping her safe
I was about to comment 'awwww ❤️' because he still sees his daughter as his baby girl, then I read the rest of the comments and see how different my thoughts were compared to the rest.
fizzahnauman fizzahnauman Aug 24, 2016
we all know they are gonna end up together somehow, but I just don't understand.