More than we seem (1D Louis/Harry)

More than we seem (1D Louis/Harry)

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S o p h i a❥❅♫♛	★ By Mitzytrix Completed

Larry Stylinson...
The mash up name that drilled its way into Harry Styles' head. He never hesitated to admit they would fake romantic scenes and kisses, but what happens when Harry's strange feelings take over? Will Harry be able to handle it? Or will his friendship with Louis be timidly awkward forever. 

But is it all Harry's fault? 

When Louis' dark past catches up with him, will he be able to protect the boys? will he be able to protect himself? Or will his past mistakes end with the loss of someone he cares about more than anything?

 A Larry Stylinson slash that has surprises around every corner and a plot with more twists than a slinky.
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