His forced love(BWWM) (interracial)         (COMPLETE)

His forced love(BWWM) (interracial) (COMPLETE)

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Muna Ali By MunaAli8 Updated Mar 12

*Disclaimer!! This is rated Explicit and graphic if you are troubled by issues such as rape, abuse please be warned . It will be unpleasant but people don't tend to explore the dark sides of reality. But please read and if you have any issues as such I am always here!! 

She is a beautiful Aztec black peasant who grasped the eyes of sinister many men but only one could have her. She's Brianna Mona

He is the future king of Ariz Shadows . The worlds most dangerous leader, in control of all the land.  He is so ruthless even his shadow has run away

One day striped of her best friend she is forced to marry this man and one day birth his children. The pain and misery she is faced with is like no other. Can she learn to accept her fate. Will he show an ounce of remorse.

He is Blake Austin ,