The CEO's Trio

The CEO's Trio

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"I never once told you I broke the engagement," his words were harsh and spoken in a cold voice but his hand that was running up and down my back was burning my skin, "You knew I hadn't and you still went along with it."

There was a silence, the brutal truth had been said. He knew it and I couldn't bring myself to admit it. But he was right, every word that came out of his mouth was true.

"Admit it Rylee you're in love with me."


Rylee Jordan is now jobless and homeless after calling of her wedding on her wedding day to her  boyfriend of 5 years.

She is now desprate for a job.

Sebastian Reynolds is your average coldhearted, mean CEO. Now a widower with three spoilt young children and he just can't cope.

When Rylee runs into Sebastian, literally and spills coffee all over him and Sebastian demands for her to pay for his brand new suit but not with money...

With looking after his three young children.

With constant trips to the toy store
 and late night conversations about babies and diapers and A LOT of arguments. Rylee see's there is more to Sebastian then he lets on.
But with one kid who can't stand Rylee, a man who claims to be desperately in love with her, an ex-fiancè who isn't backing down without a fight, a meddling affair, a crazy fiancèe and a bunch of undiscovered secrets.

Will two ever just get together and look after the CEO's trio?



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Abbie-Joy Abbie-Joy Nov 15
your authors note has got to be the best authors note I actually took the time to read it that's how good it was 😉 can't wait to get started...again 😊 x
Effie_maish Effie_maish Dec 01
Ha! Funny how when we do stuff it's considered 'ghetto' but when y'all do the same thing it's cool🤔🤔🤔😬
Effie_maish Effie_maish Dec 01
You know what else is gonna be noticeable? The black eye imma give you if you don't shut your mouth
Book_Nerd4561 Book_Nerd4561 2 days ago
Um wtf I wouldn't know how that feels but um rude . You can't just say that. I hate her boyfriend😡
APotatoThatSins APotatoThatSins 6 days ago
I'll👏 get👏 my👏 hair 👏done 👏when👏 I 👏feel👏like👏 it's 👏time 👏to👏 get👏 my 👏hair 👏done👏