Star Bound Liberty (Complete)

Star Bound Liberty (Complete)

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JV Findlay By JoyFindlay Completed

Fresh out of Basic Training with the Allied Space Force, Private Liberty Marinkovich is approached by the governing body of her home world and asked, in an unprecedented move, to take on a Mossie hybrid named Ayms. As the first Mossie human hyrbid simbiot pair in the ASF, her superiors jump at the chance to welcome the plant-based sentient being into their ambassadorial ranks, but Libby has other plans. Not one for pomp or show, she just wants to learn all about the changes her new simbiot brings to her body and mind, and to keep her head down working on her first deployment aboard the corvette classed spacecraft, the ASF Bransky.

Things don't all go as easily as Libby and Amys hope, and crazy changes create crazy situations that the hybrid pair have to work through. With the help of her new friends and commanding officers, Libby and Ayms embark on a partnership that just may change the face of the ASF and all of Alliance Space forever.

Space adventures, black market coffee cravings, attack shuttle shopping, xenophobic prejudices, idiot work mates, and a moonshine racket that is killing people, Libby and Ayms have a lot stacked against them. 

Star Bound Liberty is the first in a new young adult sci-fy series.