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reborn in the beast world by heartsonfirenovel
reborn in the beast worldby heartsonfire
Because of a bracelet that attracted me , I was reborn as a nonexistent character of my favourite novel the beauty and the beasts . How will I survive in this world with...
[BL] Did The Domineering President Speak Well Today? by haelwynter
[BL] Did The Domineering hael ❄️🌸
[‼️ This is not an official translation, I only used MTL. ] *** Su Xici transmigrated into an ancient novel about the domineering president, and became the butler of the...
Rebirth And Space 1980 by jeffelyncosme
Rebirth And Space 1980by jeffelynC
Novel is not mine. For reading purposes only. Immerse in retro!Ciao! Category: Rebirth Novel author: Smaller~ Size: 257 KB Progress:...
Survive a Natural Disaster by Low-key Stocking (MTL) by CrazyLittleDino
Survive a Natural Disaster by Lil' Dino
"Survive by Low-key Stocking in Natural Disasters" Author: 1118 Link:   When she woke up, Xu Yan found herself...
The Original Heroine of "70s Cannon Fodder" Is Reborn by jeffelyncosme
The Original Heroine of "70s jeffelynC
Not My Story. an MTL. For communication and learning purposes only. Genre: Through Rebirth Author: Two Treasures of Study Action: Join the bookshelf , vote for recommend...
The Girl Wearing A book in Seventies by jeffelyncosme
The Girl Wearing A book in jeffelynC
Author: Shi Yuanyuan Category: Science Fiction Space 1271672 words | full text Update: 2019-06-21 When Shen Yao woke up, she was horrified to find that she was dressed a...
Seventies Girl Getting Rich Manual by jeffelyncosme
Seventies Girl Getting Rich Manualby jeffelynC
STORY IS NOT MINE. CREDITS TO AUTHOR. HAPPY READING! Author: Mengyuan Fox Yan Category: Romance Novels Xu Mumu travels through the b...
I Love my Wife by WhinterRhedNights
I Love my Wifeby Whinter Rhed Nights
[ Book wearer, Cultivating immortal, Fighting monsters, Rune master, Alchemy master, Refining master, OP MC] Li Sujin is the richest man in B city, it was already too la...
The Female Partner Gets Rich in The Chronology by jeffelyncosme
The Female Partner Gets Rich in jeffelynC
Note: This novel is not mine. For reading purposes only. Author: Dream of one meter and seven Category: Romance Novels 652773 words |...