Mechanical Gods (lgbtq+)

Mechanical Gods (lgbtq+)

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D. Alec Lyle By DAlecLyle Completed

THE YEAR IS 2050. Human-like androids have become integrated into society and every household, becoming part of our daily lives. They look exactly like us from the pigment of their artificial skin to every follicle of their hair. 

They protect. They serve. They obey. They learn.

Tyler North is a struggling young photographer in New York. When he wins a voucher for a personalized android, Tyler reluctantly purchases one and names it Aiden. Instead of a dull subservient Android, he was blown away by Aiden's adaptiveness, and is not like the regular androids Tyler had met before. However, Tyler can't hide Aiden's free-willed gift against the corporation that built him who planned to use Aiden for a more sinister purpose.

Whoever controls Aiden can change Earth for the better...or worse.

Mechanical Gods is a near-future Science Fiction Epic by D. Alec Lyle, infused with stylized heart-pounding action, sleek thriller, and provocative intrigue.

Picked as part of Wattpad's Up and Coming List (2018), and Editor's Choice List (2020).

STATS: 132,385 words [ 511 pages in a paperback ]

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