Hiding from "MY MATE"

Hiding from "MY MATE"

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Nics By SiriusPrincess Updated Sep 26, 2017


Part I

Im running as fast as I could

Everytime I scent his smell

...Earthen , like woods and freshly cut grass .......

that gave shiver all over my body

and his the only person that can complete my life...I dont know why 

Im doing this ..I just find my self


Part II

His my mate...

And I totally know it..

I hide ,but he found me

And I finally accept him

But suddenly,

Everything change.

The truth becomes a lie.

My world change..

And because of that change .

I made a desision.

He live his own life, He do his obligation


And me?? I chose to be one of my kind.where I trully belong

Then we lived in different world.

But fate never change bacause it always find a reason for us to meet..and its hunting me and torturing me so I found a plan

I laugh for the thought of it..

Yes, I change but Im still 



  • belief
  • change
  • cliffhanger
  • dagger
  • dangerous
  • destiny
  • elementalwolves
  • fantasy
  • fate
  • goddess
  • magics
  • mystery
  • regrets
  • revenge
  • tragedy
  • vampires
  • wolves
DisneyisEternal DisneyisEternal Sep 07, 2015
I think I'll like this book. Since I've been into werewolves books instead of vampires for the moment.