The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks [ COMPLETE ]

The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks [ COMPLETE ]

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If you're looking for a cliche - this isn't it.  -author.

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♥️A/N:  I warn you now, you are going on what most of my readers tell me is an "emotional rollercoaster".   There are parts where you will laugh, cry, curse my username and then cry happy tears.  Parts of this book will piss you off, but if you stick with the entire thing those same readers will tell you it was all totally worth it!

"The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks"

Gabby Brooks was normal eighteen year old girl growing up on the edge of a lake.  She enjoyed being off everyone's radar in the small town of Luxberg.  She had a small group of friends, an adoring family and a love for her town.

That was until the Parkers moved in across the street.  

A new neighbor-friend with a tattooed god for an older brother change Gabby's normal little life upside down.  She finds herself fascinated by Jackson Parker, especially by his criminal past, which is filed away in sealed records.  Not even her father, the town police officer, will spill as to what her new neighbor did to put himself behind bars.  

Jackson seems to be just as fascinated with Gabby Brooks, the daughter of his probation officer/town cop.  His eyes are set on making her the next victim of his playful games, just to piss off her dad.

Even with her father's warnings to stay away from the new neighbors, Gabby finds herself breaking the rules for the first time in her life.  Her rule-breaking brings out the best and the worst of the people she trusts the most, including herself.  Secrets she didn't even know she carried are brought to light, shaking the town to its core.

What Jackson and Gabby don't realize, is how much their lives will change because they can't seem to stay away from each other.  

Sometimes change is not always for the best.

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bo0youwhore bo0youwhore Aug 06
I just realised that’s the guy from now you see me. Oh wait, THATS dave franco????
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I am imagine Stephen James 😍😍 but this dude is hot too 😂😂
Alibug48 Alibug48 Aug 10
Only story I've seen with iowa as a location for more than a chapter. I swear we're not that boring sometimes
Bro I'm from Iowa it's not all corn though! Sometimes there's soybeans and pigs lol
oooh I’m already in love w/ this book (I imagine her as Taylor hill)
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