Pure Bliss (Completed)

Pure Bliss (Completed)

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Veronica👑 By veronicacanread Completed

Innocence is subjective.

When push comes to shove: things change. And sometimes you just have to try not to explode.

Pure's always been bullied for her name. When Pure and her parents move to a new town in Florida because "sex by the beach" would be fun, Pure is optimistic. 

But that optimism quickly faded.

With daggers coming at her from all angles, will she survive high school?

*Semi-Mature content not rated M

My first wattpad story! 

#801 in Teen Fiction
"You look very beautiful tonight." A cocky grin spread across his handsome face.

"Don't I always?" I teased, sticking my tongue out.

"Of course you do!" He said smoothly, rolling his eyes at my foolishness. "So, how about instead of just sitting there, would you like to dance?" He beamed confidently.

"With who?" I grinned, taking his hand.
(This is my first story, excuse the grammar and spelling mistakes, I will go back and revise all of it once I'm done.)

BOOK 2 IS COMPLETED: Business Contract

Book 3 is currently being written: Eleanor's Demise

:) I hope you like it.
Way ahead of the game! #wattys2016

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Modernlump Modernlump Sep 17
                              Saturday September 16, 2017
                              9:44 pm
                              I loved this story
Danisarus_Rex Danisarus_Rex Mar 01, 2016
Lmao 😂😂 the past about sex on the beach😂😂 wouldn't sand end up in "special places*
Maggdelene Maggdelene Jun 07, 2016
I don't know why but when I opened this book it sent me straight to the epilogue. Who is Noah??
uglysama uglysama Jul 13, 2016
                              Wednesday July 13, 2016
                              3:27 pm
                              Wasting time before I have to get ready to go to an event 👍
Maggdelene Maggdelene Jun 07, 2016
Lol her parents in the intro thing wanted to move to Florida or California or whatever because of cake by the ocean. 😂😂
Krek_Koko Krek_Koko Dec 19, 2015
Her parents are gross,disgusting and hilarious at the same time wow