Guard and Scythe

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Lizzy By TheNinjaWriter Updated 2 years ago
Trisnae was just a lonely little girl wandering the streets one night when a carriage pulled up next to her and stole her away into the night, bringing her to the dark woods circus.
    The circus; where children are tortured and beaten to death by the circusmaster, for the sick pleasure of the audience.
    The circus ruined Trisnae's chances of ever having a life.
    The circus changed Trisnae's death as she now is cursed to be one of Satan's guards who haunt the human realm in search of souls to be brought back to burn in Hell for all eternity.
    Trisnae has been lost for so long, and it has been forever since she last felt emotions such as love or happiness, or even the feeling of worthiness.
    Will she ever escape this eternal night?
This was brilliant. Brilliant. I've only recently joined this site but I have to say this is the best piece I've read so far. I love your style. It's dark and a bit abstract. Exactly my taste :)
You should finish this :) You have my full support XD The details here are so vivid, as if I could feel them already. Superb, just magnificent and *is speechless* :D
I love this... Like, actually love it. It is 11 oclock at night and I will not sleep until I finish it all!!!
I love it! Please check my story its like  the same genre i hope you like it!
creepy but nice job! Well written and interesting from the start. Do you mind checking out some of my poetry? It would mean so much to me if you could read some... I'm trying out for the ATTY's