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Only now, in the full presence of Mr.Briscoe did the other children awaken unsteadily from their slumbers. I watched their eyes all flutter open, blissfully unaware for that last moment between sleep and conciousness of whom was amoung us. When each individual finally sensed Mr.Briscoe's presence, they all immediately flung themselves against the walls, into the shadows as not to be in his direct path of sight. We all sat there silently, breathing in the muggy august air. Each child trying to blend in with the darkness of the late night.

Mr.Briscoe pulled out his thick coiling rope again, and snapped it threateningly against the doorframe, making our skins crawl off. He entered into the room again, his thick hard boots clunking loudly against the creaky floorboards.

I could almost smell his foul breath from where I had slathered myself against the corner walls when he addressed us.

"Up you slimy mutts. Get UP!" he shouted at us, snapping the rope again. I could almost hear him growling under his breath. A tense electric current ran through the air.

Mickenna inched forward first, looking down at her feet. She refused to meet Mr.Briscoes menacing stare. Without speaking a word, he ruffly bound her wrists to the rope again, and blindfolded her eyes with a dark cloth. I heard her breathing stagger for a moment, but she did not let out any noise in fear or suprise.  She flexed her fingers and twisted her wrists uncomfortably. The ropes must by tied incredibly tight.

Slowly we all came to join her, each of us also being tied to the rope and blindfolded by Mr.Briscoe's strong hard hands. When I stepped forward, I shivered as he took my wrists. I hated to feel his skin touching mine. I felt contaminated, and filthy.

He continued to bind my wrists, and when he dropped them, I could feel the blood pounding through my viens against the ropes. I shut my eyes as he cast the blindfold around them, and tied a tight knot behind my head. He paused unexpectadly, and I felt him move closer towards me. I could feel his ruff fingers slide through my long curls. Suddenly his breath was right on my face. My nose wrinkled in disgust at the smell of stale beer and old fish. I heard him chuckle delicately. His tongue came out and licked the side of my ear. The wet slimy worm moved across my face leaving a sticky trail behind on my skin. I held back my screams in the back of my throat. Not even a whimper escaped my lips. There was nothing I could do to stop the trembling however. Just like a serpant, I knew he could taste my scent, and all my fear locked up inside my chest.

he laughs again, and I can feel the edges of his smile against my cheek.

"My little pet," he coos. "Aren't you just a little satin doll," he purs tugging gently on my curls. "I bet this must be an exciting moment for you girly. You finally get to witness the entire show now, and you don't need to even pay!" he laughs, his hands moving down the side of my neck, running his fingers back and forth over my skin. I just continue to stand and shiver.

"You lucky little girl," he says, and finally moves on. I almost collapse in relief. I both hate and love the blindfold right now. It allows me to believe that the world has completely disappeared, but it also leaves the monsters free to thrash me, while I am blinded.

A few minutes later the rope tugs forward on my wrists, tripping me into a walk. I can't see anything, but follow the tugging of the rope, cautiously allowing myself to be lead onward.

We walk for a very long time. The whole while, I listen to the padding of all of our footsteps beating like rain against the floor. No one speaks, we all hardly dare to breath. We just walk. Walk ahead into the unknown.

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