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《Phobia》A Golden Gaurd x Reader by PuppetCreepypasta
《Phobia》A Golden Gaurd x Readerby jisastsu-chan
Hi! This is my first Owl House story. The uploading of chapters may take awhile because I write on paper first but I promise I will upload regularly Enjoy this story!
Glamrock Freddy x Monty gator by Bliss_S0ul
Glamrock Freddy x Monty gatorby bliss
✛༻ℌ𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔬 𝔪𝔶 𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔰 ༺✛ ⌤ ➽ ᵖᵗ 1 ⇌ ❝2.26k 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍❞ ᵖᵗ 2⇌ ▷1.49k 𝚛𝚎...
Love & Chaos (Taehyung X Reader) by Authoroberon
Love & Chaos (Taehyung X Reader)by Authoroberon
[Taehyung x Reader] Historical au Empress (Y/F/N) and Emperor Min Yoongi decided to end their long term hostility toward each other and make a peace contract between the...
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prince // dreamnotfound  by thAtkid0ndrUgs
prince // dreamnotfound by Izzy Lowe
the prince falls inlove with just a slave.
Blood and gears ( Jeremy x Reader FnaF Fanfiction) by Jayz5114
Blood and gears ( Jeremy x Jayz5114
You are a cyborg half human half robot. You were created in an unknown facility and sold off to a place called freddy Fazbear's pizza...your being used for some undercov...
The Playful Protector (Naruto Fanfic) by BestLeafKunoichi
The Playful Protector (Naruto Misayo Sarutobi
Emiko Hagane is the son of Kotetsu the leaf village gate guard, Emiko is really close with a lot of Jounin because of his dad sometimes he helps his dad and Izumo at wor...
TLK rant book by Bookworm_Noodle
TLK rant bookby ✨depresso in red✨
Here I shall share my lots of knowledge of The Lion King, and I know a lot of the family tree... :3 The characters and descriptions and stuff belong to Disney and the cr...
kionxrani a future life (ON HOLD) by kionfierce423
kionxrani a future life (ON HOLD)by fierce kion
I am starting a new story for kionxrani i am not very good at descriptions so read to find out.i might make spellingand gramar mistakes
Obi x Reader 'my special guard'  by Obicat3
Obi x Reader 'my special guard' by Obicat3
Obi x Reader 'my special guard' You (u) Wistaria are the first princess of clareness. Born into royalty your hole life was mapped out for you people decided you needed t...
Fuli and Kion fight by chuluunxmakucha
Fuli and Kion fightby Chuluun
When Kion's scar is making him more mean he lashes out at his friends, and when Fuli tries to take over for a while he fights her. Who will win And will he realize his m...
Tempting Feelings by Rayvix
Tempting Feelingsby Rayvix
Hitokoe Mitsuru X Reader
Lion gaurd (makucha x chuluun) by Dragon_elfy
Lion gaurd (makucha x chuluun)by •Dino_Lover•
Dont own the art What happens after getting blown away from the war when they give up taking over what happens of chuluun was badly injured and has tp get back to the ic...
Royal knight Dratokinoir, Royal adventure. by AlphamonxDrago
Royal knight Dratokinoir, Royal Outershoutmon
This a story that took place long before Dratokinoir met Dan, Zack and the others.
The New Cute Supervisor by Kitsune_of_Psychosis
The New Cute Supervisorby Kitsune_of_Psychosis
Join Kagome as she accidently and unknowingly romances the inmates and her coworkers at Nanbaka prison all while trying to face her own demons. Inuyasha Nanbaka Crossove...
Loveless by CodyLux
Lovelessby Nameless
Adora becomes She-Ra's knight as a war rages on in Etheria. Love/Mystery - Princess knight AU (Selfcest) Adora x Shera Working title. My first fic pls comment fav part...
The Last of the Firedrakes...Or so We Thought by infernalherondales
The Last of the Firedrakes...Or infernalherondales
Everyone thinks Aurora is the final Firedrake. Did you know she has a sister?
I'll Protect You [Charles (oc) x reader] by ThisUserIsUnoriginal
I'll Protect You [Charles (oc) x Kenny
[Y/N] is the daughter of King William and Queen Emily, princess of the Kingdom of Dreknon, one of the largest kingdoms of the Western world. She was always protected by...
Through the Valleys and the Stars by abysstylwyth
Through the Valleys and the Starsby Abyss Tylwyth
When Prince Damien of Derendia is saved by Monster Hunter Jay, he finds himself indebted to her. The two butt heads but soon become inseperable, a romance that lasts hun...
The Secret Princess Series - Hidden by kandeland
The Secret Princess Series - Hiddenby KandE
Genevieve is a princess that has been hidden from the world her whole life, forced to live with foster parents who don't care about anybody but themselves. When it's tim...