Little Bird

Little Bird

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I N D I E By treetree126 Updated May 09

||  Imagine a place where all the celebrities we know and love today aren't celebrities but a part of a gang. Not just any gang. One ran by a women notorious for kidnapping people and adding them to her collection or as she likes to call it her 'family'. A place where, Wren, a completely a normal girl with a normal life gets kidnapped and added to this 'family' by force. If she complies her family stays safe and if she doesn't something she dreads will happen. Throughout her journey she realizes that this isn't a just a gang,it's oddly like a prison. A well furnished,complete with kind people and broken smiles type of prison. 

But it grows on her and so do the people but she has also has grown around it. Will Wren stay and try not to risk not only her safety but as well as her ACTUAL family's and the people's around her ? Why is the leader so intent on creating a family with kidnapped kids she's stalked ? What relationships has she formed while on her journey ? Has this changed her for better or for worse ?

"When someone catches a bird. They put them in a cage. Birds are usually free, carefree animals but when someone traps them,you see their freedom fade over time,which causes them to fade. And they begin trying to do anything to get out. Because they don't want to fade,because they miss their freedom" He theorized. This made me mad. 

"What a stupid person to catch the bird." I burst out.  

He smiled his signature gentle Dylan smile and gently reached up and unfolded the sleeve of my shirt near my bicep. 

"What a stupid bird to try and die for her freedom."  ||

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