Damsel[ed]: No Rescue Required

Damsel[ed]: No Rescue Required

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"Your friend was right," the villain says, tilting her chin towards the moon.

My mouth's on autopilot now as I mentally uncurl from the fetal position. "Uh, first, why do you know my friends? Second, about what?"

Her eyes light up like jack-o'-lanterns. "You're adorable when you're scared out of your mind."

***Now a Wattpad featured story***

Having superpowers is awesome, unless you're Angelos Fibbs. 

When a kidnap attempt leaves him with incredible superpowers and a price on his head, this one-liner-loving dork must choose: hurt or be hurt. Supervillain or damsel in distress.  He's a lover,  not a telekinetic black-leather-wearing killer, and he wants to keep it that way. 

The fates of his best friends hang in the balance, and if he can't face his biggest fears, he'll become a pawn to a powerful underground whose dark intentions could destroy his city, and possibly, the world. 

Life just got messy for the clean-freak super.

WARNING: Mild swearing, and a 'spit' load of dorky alternatives. Nerdy humor, cliffhangers, plot twists, fights, and a love triangle so complex it's more or less a love blob. May cause spontaneous shipping. Also includes enough Star Wars references to make George Lucas cringe. Read at your own risk.

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Deaddd "he has to be part of an international boyband" I love this book already!
It confused me so much and then I was just like, oh! I get it now.
sunnyHey sunnyHey Dec 02, 2017
I just don't care at this point. It's his song, fine. It isn't his song, fine. Whatever honestly, I don't have anything personal against him and he's never directly affected me, so I don't really care. Don't like him, but don't care.
That moment you know you need to reconsider your choice in friends
HarshitaJoshi HarshitaJoshi Dec 13, 2017
He has an ‘ideal deaths’ list! Me too. I already like this guy!
LunaFowler LunaFowler May 26
I like oatmeal raisin but not that much but its good. And what's up with putting glue in mayonnaise