Damsel[ed]: No Rescue Required

Damsel[ed]: No Rescue Required

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"Your friend was right," the villain says, tilting her chin towards the moon.

My mouth's on autopilot now as I mentally uncurl from the fetal position. "Uh, first, why do you know my friends? Second, about what?"

Her eyes light up like jack-o'-lanterns. "You're adorable when you're scared out of your mind."

***Now a Wattpad featured story***

Having superpowers is awesome, unless you're Angelos Fibbs. 

When a kidnap attempt leaves him with incredible superpowers and a price on his head, this one-liner-loving dork must choose: hurt or be hurt. Supervillain or damsel in distress.  He's a lover,  not a telekinetic black-leather-wearing killer, and he wants to keep it that way. 

The fates of his best friends hang in the balance, and if he can't face his biggest fears, he'll become a pawn to a powerful underground whose dark intentions could destroy his city, and possibly, the world. 

Life just got messy for the clean-freak super.

WARNING: Mild swearing, and a 'spit' load of dorky alternatives. Nerdy humor, cliffhangers, plot twists, fights, and a love triangle so complex it's more or less a love blob. May cause spontaneous shipping. Also includes enough Star Wars references to make George Lucas cringe. Read at your own risk.

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Bubblyxoxo Bubblyxoxo Sep 11, 2016
Woah! This is wayyyy past the saying of " If you're friends jump off a bridge you would too?" *says in snobby voice while mimicking parents *
Huntress_Kristen Huntress_Kristen Nov 17, 2016
OMG I saw anime characters and I already know I'll love this book
VioletKnight8 VioletKnight8 Dec 28, 2016
One of my fav anime shown and fav song, I'm in, all the way 😆😆😆
themysteriouswesley themysteriouswesley Dec 02, 2016
"I'd be so dead, i'd put Myspace to shame."
                              Me: *insert the Drake clapping meme*
Horsekelly70 Horsekelly70 Nov 03, 2016
I relate to this on a spiritual level because everyone calls me cute
Pak1231 Pak1231 Oct 30, 2016
The gif is a killer lol my sis would be dead by now if she saw yhis