Blackquest 40

Blackquest 40

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jeff_bond By jeff_bond Updated Oct 08

** WATTYS 2018 WINNER **

Deb Bollinger has no time for corporate training.

Her company's top engineer at just twenty-seven, Deb has blocked off her day for the one project she truly cares about: the launch of carebnb, an app that finds spare beds for the homeless. When she's told all employees must drop everything for some busywork exercise called Blackquest 40, it's an easy no.

Trouble is, her bosses aren't really asking.
Blackquest 40 is the mother of all corporate trainings. A near-impossible project to be completed in forty straight hours. No phones. No internet. Sleeping on cots. Nobody in, nobody out.
Deb finds the whole setup creepy and authoritarian. When a carebnb issue necessitates her leaving the office, she heads for the door.

What's the worst that could happen?

Armed commandos, HVAC-duct chases, a catastrophic master plan that gets darker by the hour - Blackquest 40 is a fresh take on the Die Hard formula, layering smart-drones and a modern heroine onto the classic action tale.

Stand down, Bruce. Deb's got this.

Cover design and illustration by Ethan Scott.

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MEWaldock MEWaldock Oct 11
 #Rebelbc These phrasing feels awkward because the subject gets lost here a bit. Maybe make her the subject after the em dash. As in, a punk-rick programmer, all of 5’2 etc. Or whatever other way you’d describe your protagonist.
MEWaldock MEWaldock Oct 11
 #Renelbc I think I know this guy. Pretty sure he works in my office. 😂😝 But the point is, you between the descriptions, the stupid time-consuming meetings, and the disinterested and unengaged employees, I’m getting a pretty good feel for the corporate culture here.
Tanuja84 Tanuja84 Oct 29
I'm work for a tech firm and  all through the years working on DBs mainly Oracle DBs so I got hooked to this plot right when I saw it said technology company and 40hr straight course training.
jettmanas jettmanas Oct 10
Intense. That's quite the neighborhood to live in (I've only volunteered there a few times). What a transition to Google, then present-day.
MEWaldock MEWaldock Oct 11
 #rebelbc Thank you so much for giving me natural sounding phone dialogue that conveys information, is still phone banter, and feels realistic and not like a bot!!! You’ve given me a rare thrill!