Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

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AliciaMKaye By AliciaMKaye Completed

Everyone has a fear. Fear of spiders? Arachnophobia. Fear of small spaces? Claustrophobia. And of course, the fear of being tickled by feathers: pteronophobia.
Sophie Smart fears drowning.  No, her fear isn't some made up malarkey like exposedflabophobia (acute paranoia when wearing a swimsuit and baring pasty thighs and a round bottom). Sophie drowned as a child. She died for three minutes. Her childhood trauma is real.

Yet Sophie, hot-shot advertising executive, isn't a child anymore. Now Sophie's most important client, handsome Matthew Silver, is insisting she learn how to swim. She can't blame him really - he's the owner of a chain of swimming centers, and Sophie's in charge of his new advertising campaign.

The last thing Sophie wants to do is get in the water, in a clingy swimsuit, with a client she's trying to impress. She's not going to win him over flapping around like an idiot, is she? But with a broken heart from her last relationship, maybe getting into the pool is just what Sophie needs. Maybe she can trust Matthew with her fears. Maybe it's time for her to forget about her past and take the plunge?

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Athena5102 Athena5102 Feb 10, 2018
I like how this is realistic, lots of stories just force things
hcrosby458 hcrosby458 Jan 07, 2017
Omg!! I love all of the before story. It doesn't just go straight into him and her. It focusing on her and merely her first. In love!!😍😍😍
Sweediepie101 Sweediepie101 Aug 30, 2016
How did she reach here? This is one book I'm sure that ill read to the end... Haven't done something like that in ages .
Sweediepie101 Sweediepie101 Aug 30, 2016
Boy, oh boy, I know this feeling. .. It's not a good one at all
Amy991517 Amy991517 Jan 13, 2016
Excellent introduction to Sophie's character. I can officially say you've got me hooked. I'll be back to read more later.
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