His Claim

His Claim

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Rose Meightner By NaughtyRosie Updated Mar 11, 2015

*®*Mature readers only please..*®* 
"Come with me. Just give us tonight. Please Kelly." he said making me look back up to find his eyes burning into mine. His hand was outstretched towards me. The choice to take it, mine.

I gulp, as my heart rate thumped wild and untamed. Just like him and the way his touch erupted the wild hunger within me.

Before I could think much about it, I was reaching a quivering hand towards his. Heat erupted when his hand touched mine and I let in a sharp inhale of air. Those eyes burned into mine as his hand circled around my much smaller hand and he smiled softly. Taken away yet again by those captivating blues, I was soon letting him lead me forward. 
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kitkatxs kitkatxs May 29, 2017
honey cheek cells don't swim... that's something else in your mouth 😂
KawaiiZoe123 KawaiiZoe123 Jul 03, 2017
Ik! Dang she's been giving so much head, the sperm be swimming on her face...ewwww!!
kitkatxs kitkatxs May 29, 2017
omg is she in for the shock of her life i'm so ready for this lmao
kitkatxs kitkatxs May 29, 2017
look cheating is not okay but i'm starting to see why it happened
blaccdreams blaccdreams Jun 09, 2016
my ap gov teacher used to make us watch old
                              episodes of the Westwing
Maha__Hussain Maha__Hussain Sep 14, 2016
I still don't like her... I mean i agree bad boys do charm us but u can't just cheat simply break up and start whatever u want so no one can slut shame u no matter what reason it is.... I hate HER