My Monster Mate

My Monster Mate

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al. By Mbalii Completed

Book One of the My Mate Series.


"Look at me." He demands. 

"No." I whisper. 

"Look at me or I swear, I will do it! " He shouts. 

I slowly remove my hands from my face and look up at him, but I wish I hadn't. Because as soon as I do Alexander snaps his neck. I gasp, tears sliding down my cheeks. 

"I told you." He laughs, "I'm a monster. And I don't intend on changing for anyone, especially not you."
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Omg why tf does he just say hi while standing in the back of her room starting at her sleep like Edward Cullen to casually wtf
ellybelli_ ellybelli_ Jul 05
Its feels so weird as she's addressing her name . cause my name is Elisha too😂
lets hope zeke the best in the afterlife because we all know he aint gonna live
this is reckless you could be getting zeke killed, you should trust your wolf she is part of you and would never lie to you unless theres a good reason
poor zeke you and him is gonna be disappointed when he finds out he isn't your mate. it books like these when you have a boyfriend he never turns out to be your mate,and your wolf is usally right.
Where was  Nelson Mandela when this happened may his soul rest in peace .