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Superheroes Loving Superheroes(Captain America Fanfic)

Superheroes Loving Superheroes(Captain America Fanfic)

85.4K Reads 2.9K Votes 20 Part Story
Nici By TrickyNici Completed


When the good Doctor had to pick a candidate for his Super Soldier serum, it was obvious that he was going to call in Lana Graham to help him decide. Immediately, Lana's pick was the tiny Steve Rogers. Not only was he formal, polite, painfully shy, in an adorable way, around women but he was also extremely handsome for his small size. Lana also knows that Steve has had a rough background, one that he hasn't told a soul about besides his best friend.. And how does Lana know? She's always been really good at reading people and things.. Some would say Superhero good.

lanadude lanadude Nov 18, 2015
that's a myth actually but I'll roll with it for fictional purposes
JennyChey JennyChey Oct 28, 2015
My grandfather served in ww2 and died shortly before my birthday in his sleep
DannyTheDingo DannyTheDingo Aug 09, 2015
my great grandfather served in world war 2.......and died of cancer a bunch of years later.
Cookie_Dough_Lova Cookie_Dough_Lova Aug 07, 2015
Actually, that's not true. We do use a full 100% of our brain.
Allons-y_Alonzo Allons-y_Alonzo May 12, 2015
not one of my parents are my great great grandmother was and some of the teachers teach us how to spell it like that. I'm from northern Ohio and most of the people in my class actually spell it like that
RoseAndKitty RoseAndKitty Apr 23, 2015
Good because I am Part German And I keep going for my Country we'll sort off